Miscellaneous bookmarks that I’ve collected over the years.

pampa/rutil – Nice-looking utility to provide dump/restore routines for Redis.

Advantages of monolithic version control – nice perspectives on pros/cons of one big cross-project repo versus smaller per-project repos. – maintainers of epub.js, a javascript reader for the EPUB file format.

Store JSON the Hard Way – nice talk with several approaches to storing structured JSON data in Cassandra. It’s always important to know your data and how it will be used when working with C*.

City of Darkness: Revisited – Coffee-table book about one of my favorite subjects, Kowloon Walled city.


dragostis/pest – PEG package for Rust

Tuoi Tre (english)

NFC S4 Mini tiny pc case

DAN A4-SFX even smaller

What I learned building a SFF Gaming PC (Node 202 + R9 Nano)

The Doom that came to Puppet Markov chain trained on works of H.P. Lovecraft and Puppet documentation.

Linux Performance Analysis: New Tools and Old Secrets

Hire literally anyone

How statically linked programs run on Linux

Configuring sssd to authenticate with a Windows 2008 Domain Server

Contiki: The Open Source OS for the Internet of Things

Probability & Statistics - Open Learning Initiative

Writing filesystems in Go with FUSE

brooksbp/go.netflow – NetFlow v9 collector

paperswelove – repository of academic computer science papers and a community who loves reading them.

gizak/termui – GUI lib for terminals

anopa – Init system/service manager built around s6 supervision suite. I am a big fan of s6.

s6 – daemontools++ – djb’s blog

openstack provider networks with Linux Bridge

LED Small Glowing Orbs – glowy balls

bracket notation – plain-text annotations

FLIF – good image format

Deep Gate Recurrent Neural Network

predicate indexing for incremental multi-query optimization

Bazel build system

Resources for Amateur Compiler Writers


edit - text editor that is a blend of vi and acme

The de editor - like the above

T - another interting text editor